Business Division

Spring Pin Division

Prowell specialized spring pins and test sockets are 100% in-house designed, developed, machined, and assembled.
Design performance verification is performed with our own 3D electromagnetic field analysis software.

Our priority is to minimize time to full production readiness. Prowell design standards and concurrent engineering assure fast lead time and predictable performance from day one of production start.

  • Integrated thermal features for highest temperature accuracy during test
  • Nonlinear, multi-physics simulation know how and tools to minimize development cycles
  • Analysis
    HFSS / Q3D / ADS
    Designer Deembedding System
  • Measurement
    PNA-X N5247A 10M - 67GHz
    (Time domain Available)
  • Design Program
    Solidworks / Auto CAD
  • Simulation
    Ansys HFSS / Ansys Icepak
    Ansys Mechanical Enterprise

Socket Division

Prowell provides broad range of high-end test sockets for Memory, Logic, Sensors, Power, Automotive and RF/Analog devices.
Prowell customizes on different applications, test handlers, and test systems depending on customer needs and roadmap. Prowell offers industry-leading experience and performance across all its products and after sales test applications support

Automation Division

Prowell pride itself in developing and establishing our own full automation facilities for Inserting, Cutting, Pressing and Quality test and measurements. Our process and equipment can cater customer to high volume automated assembly lines.

All-In-One Process

Prowell provides best thermal and electrical production worthy integrated Spring Pin and Test Socket solutions. Our 100% in-house and fully automated equipment guarantees our best quality, cost efficient and fastest lead time products.