Prowell Overview

Prowell specialize in manufacturing the best Spring Pin and Test Socket.
We offer the smallest Fine-Pitch Pin Technology
in the semiconductor test industry

Prowell pride its own 100% in-house fully automated manufacturing facilities,
highly invested innovative R&D, Socket precision machining, Pin assembly, and QC/QA departments
to provide the best customer test solutions from high volume to customized requirements.


  • Facilities
    • FAST and on-time production as the 1st ‘Fully Automated Assembly Line’ in South Korea
    • BEST Quality and Uniformity on plating by best process ‘Internalized Plating facilities’
    • Fully controlled ‘Spring Manufacturing Facilities’
  • Technology
    • World-class fine pitch pin technology
    • Customized simulation, test and measurement
    • Continuous investment in industry-leading and innovative R&D of high frequency test sockets for 5G and IoT devices
  • Customer Satisfaction
    • Reliable quality, production, and price competitiveness by “All in One” manufacturing processes
    • Customized design & simulation, offering optimized solutions for customers
    • Development focused on customer roadmaps
Company History

Since 2005

  • 2022
    Prowell joined with
    ‘World best Total test Solution Provider ISC’
  • 2016
    Entered Test Socket Business for international market
  • Developing and
    Manufacturing Spring pin for
    both Logic and Memory devices
    Started Production of Ultra Micro Pin (O.D Ø0.95mm)
    Started Production of Micro Pin (O.D Ø0.11mm)
    Started Production of Spring Pin (Semiconductor, PCB Test Probe)
  • Supply Spring Pin
    to Samsung Electronics
    Developed Spring Pin for testing Samsung Smart TV
    Developed Spring Pin for testing Samsung Blu-Black Cellular Phone
a global Fine Pitch Pin Leader