Facilities for the best Quality Products

Prowell’s top of the line manufacturing facility operates continuous manufacturing processes for spring pins and sockets. Fully automated assembly process offers best production lead time and optimize product quality.

Automated Assembly Process

Fully Automated, FAST and Reliable Spring Pin Assembly
  • Prowell take responsibility for all Customer Application Specific Requirements and Application Integration : Predictable Schedule, Low Risk, Clear Responsibility, High Resource Efficiency
  • Prowell has put in place robust , integrated design processes, comprehensive QC and professional service : Fastest Possible Time to Yield
  • Prowell Delivers Production Level Optimization: Best Production Test Yields. Prowell is your partner for the long term : Continuous roadmap convergence
  • Pre-assembly process
    Pre-assembly process
    Prowell successfully launched the 1st fully automated assembly line in South Korea
  • Finished products assembly process
    Finished products assembly process
    Prowell provides fast and reliable assembly process with our full automated equipment, technology and experienced professionals