Pin Product

RF Pin


Material & Plating

Part Material Plating
Top Plunger Hardened Beryllium Copper Au Plated
Bottom Plunger Hardened Beryllium Copper Au Plated
Barrel Phosphor Bronze Au Plated
Spring Music Wire Au Plated

Mechanical Spec.

  • Work Force 17.0gf @ 0.3mm (Recommended Travel)
  • Full Travel 21.7gf @ 0.4mm
  • Working Temp. -40 ~ 120℃

Electrical Spec. – 0.5p

  • Insertion Loss >60.00GHz @-1.0 dB
  • Return Loss >60.00GHz @-10.0 dB
  • Loop Inductance 0.27nH @1.0GHz
  • Capacitance 0.29pF @1.0GHz
  • Contact Resistance <150mΩ
  • Current Carrying Capability 2.0A (Continuous)

Coaxial Socket

Provides RF test socket that responds to outstanding properties and high speed by matching the impedance through unequaled technology and coaxial structure. Signal probe is insulated to have an ideal coaxial structure for controlled impedance matching and high frequency.

Coaxial Structure

  • Adjustable Impedance
  • Fully Metal Shielding


  • Impedance control by space between pogo pin and pin hole in the metal housing
  • Maintain the coaxial structure is the key Minimize X and Y axis movements when it travels
  • Metal housing for ‘Ground Shielding’ to reduce crosstalk
  • Normally use different pins for signal


  • 5G
  • Auto
  • IoT
  • Smart
  • Wearable
Technical Characteristics

Mechanical & Environmental

Minimum Pitch ≥ 0.65mm
Recommend Stroke 0.25mm ~ 0.4mm
Operating Temperature -40 ~ 125⁰C
Life Span > 300 k


Loof Inductance 0.53 nH
Loof Capacitance 0.26 pF
Contact Resistance Under 150 mΩ
Current Capacity 1.5 A
Bandwidth ~ 45 GHz
Special Dielectric

Why prowell's special materials be applied?

  • Possible to change the dielectric constant
    Benefit of Impedance control.
  • Advantageous machining
    Applicable for the development of fine pitch sockets.
  • You can repair by themselves because it is the same structure as normal socket
    Reduce test shot-down time.
Fine Pitch Coaxial Solution

Mechanical & Environmental

Minimum Pitch 0.5mm
Recommend Stroke 0.25mm ~ 0.5mm
Operating Temperature -40 ~ 125⁰C
Life Span > 300 k


Loof Inductance 0.74 nH
Loof Capacitance 0.42 pF
Contact Resistance Under 100 mΩ
Current Capacity 1.0 A
Bandwidth ~ 45 GHz